Osprey chicks and other wildlife events

Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve is only a few miles from the cottage. I first visited the reserve a year ago – some photos here.

Ospreys are nesting again this year. The reserve is looked after by Cumbria Wildlife Trust, and they have posted a video of this year’s chicks. There’s also some excellent webcam videos of last year’s ospreys in their nest.

Check out other events from Cumbria Wildlife Trust here.




Winter weather – sunsets

The autumn equinox is almost upon us and then the nights will be longer than the days. And when the clocks go back next month, dusk will fall even earlier.

While there are many benefits of summer, the darker part of the year also has its attractions. For example, you can take daft photos like this without having to be on the hills really late.


Shadows from a low sun

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Building for birds – RSPB Leighton Moss


Reed beds at Leighton Moss

The RSPB reserve at Leighton Moss is the largest area of reed beds in the north west. I lived in Carnforth until 2012, and so it was right on my doorstep. As members get in free, I’d often have a wander in just to see if there was anything interesting to be seen and sometimes have tea and a scone in the tea shop. My main memories were of hides that were getting a bit worse for wear, and where you had to make sure you hooked up the windows properly otherwise you risked getting whacked on the top of the head while peering through your binoculars.

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Ospreys and dragonflies – Foulshaw Moss

Foulshaw Moss is a few miles from the cottage at Levens, on the southern edge of the Lake District. Part of the area is owned by the Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

I’d read that there were ospreys nesting there, so I thought it was time for a visit. I saw the osprey’s nest, and with the aid of a ‘scope provided by one of the volunteers on site I might have seen the head of one of the ospreys… but what I really enjoyed was the discovery of a totally different landscape.

But first, the ospreys…


Osprey nest

The nest is in the tree in the middle distance.

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